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A Day at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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This past week, one of my business partners and I had the pleasure of spending several hours with Steve Collins at NASA’s JPL. I’m sure it would be fair to say that had I been able to see a reflection of myself, it would have been a mixture of a wide-eyed child trying to soak absolutely everything in with the ear-to-ear grin of someone who couldn’t believe all of the real “fantasy-come-true” things he was seeing. That Steve, a completely down to Earth and plain-spoken, but insanely smart and accomplished…read more

A Christmas Gift From Elon Musk

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  December 25th is generally a day that companies and brands avoid making big announcements… for fear they will be lost in either the noise of the holiday or missed entirely as people “tune out” to be with family and loved ones. But Elon Musk doesn’t do anything by anyone else’s playbook. On December 25th, Elon tweeted the following: This tweet did several things to strengthen both the Tesla and Elon Musk brands: It started a viral swell, setting the Twitterverse of Tesla enthusiasts on fire with speculation of what…read more

Viosk – CMO Club Labs Presentation

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  March 25, 2014 — As the Interim CEO of Viosk, I was one of five hand-picked startups invited to present at The CMO Club’s annual Innovation and Inspiration Summit in New York. I am proud to say that Viosk won the event (no that’s not me in the video thumbnail, but the video will start at the beginning of my presentation). The cameraman didn’t cut over to the screen the audience saw during my presentation, so here’s what was on screen: Viosk is a simple to use video creation platform designed to create high-definintion animated business video in…read more

Thoughts on the Future of Mobile Video

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GigaOM author Janko Roettgers did a write-up of startups Showyou and Vidora titled with the question “Is the Future of Mobile Video all about apps?” which served as a catalyst to organize some thoughts on the subject that I’ve been mulling over the past couple of weeks (thanks Janko). Many TV networks have standalone apps that offer some amount of streaming video programming. Given the current life stage of TV everywhere and a la carte TV being in its infancy, this is a necessary but transitional strategy for a variety…read more


Remembering Steve Jobs: In the Words of Children

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We’re extremely sad to hear of Steve Jobs‘ passing. He’s directly and indirectly touched so many lives around the world (most definitively everyone in our house). We think the innocent wisdom of our children may have captured it most poignantly when they overheard us talking and watching the news: Julia (5): That’s terrible. I wish he didn’t die so he could keep making cool things. Rachel (8): Is there someone who will carry on? Tim and team, while the world will never be quite the same, we offer our deepest…read more