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A Christmas Gift From Elon Musk

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  December 25th is generally a day that companies and brands avoid making big announcements… for fear they will be lost in either the noise of the holiday or missed entirely as people “tune out” to be with family and loved ones. But Elon Musk doesn’t do anything by anyone else’s playbook. On December 25th, Elon tweeted the following: This tweet did several things to strengthen both the Tesla and Elon Musk brands: It started a viral swell, setting the Twitterverse of Tesla enthusiasts on fire with speculation of what…read more

Is Customer Experience Cable’s Biggest Advantage?

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  2015 is looking like it will be the beginning of a tipping point in which US consumers will be able to subscribe a la carte to television networks over-the-top (jargon free, that’s HBO, etc. without a cable subscription). Tabling individual feelings about this inevitable shift, cable companies have certain significant advantages over the networks that are about to go direct. This is independent of the apparent consumer desire to “cut the cord,” and it’s the networks that need to be careful in how they transition to include a new, direct-to-consumer,…read more

Hulu’s Creating a Phoenix From Someone Else’s Ashes

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  Hulu already has an interesting position in the market, often airing shows the day after they appear on broadcast television. For consumers who are no longer tethered to broadcast schedules because of time-shifting (DVRs, etc.) or other means, Hulu has become a big piece of the cord-cutting puzzle. While the television industry is known for its impatience with new program franchises taking time to build audiences, there’s relatively little risk for Hulu to leverage the smaller audiences of shows cancelled mid-season considering its non-linear streaming model. Over the past…read more

The Impact of Content Ecosystems on User Experience

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  It’s no secret that consumers want an alternative to cable. Even heavyweight HBO has responded to the call, announcing earlier this year that they will launch an a la carte digital service in 2015 (details pending). Sister channel Cinemax will likely leverage the platform, and competition will follow in short order. Although an everything on-demand world is amazing for the instant gratification the Internet has provided, it requires a significantly different way of thinking about programming. It’s a great benefit that we no longer have to know a program…read more

Viosk – CMO Club Labs Presentation

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  March 25, 2014 — As the Interim CEO of Viosk, I was one of five hand-picked startups invited to present at The CMO Club’s annual Innovation and Inspiration Summit in New York. I am proud to say that Viosk won the event (no that’s not me in the video thumbnail, but the video will start at the beginning of my presentation). The cameraman didn’t cut over to the screen the audience saw during my presentation, so here’s what was on screen: Viosk is a simple to use video creation platform designed to create high-definintion animated business video in…read more