The Robert Lasky Daily

Huffington Post got a lot of press for integrating Twitter a while back… and deservedly because they did a nice job. When I saw it, I wanted that too, but without the development time or expense. (still technically in “alpha”) offers a similar service, which I’ve been using regularly for about the last six months.

Basically, it works like this…

  1. You log in and create a profile using your Twitter account
  2. Their behind the scenes algorithm parses through the tweets of the people you follow (and it does a good job… no “I had mac & cheese… yum” nonsense has made the cut yet)
  3. The site then formats a daily webpage that people can subscribe to
  4. sends an email to subscribers each day when it’s available as a reminder to make it a part of their daily travels

It’s a great tool that’s a refreshing alternative to the social media white noise that applications like Yoono and Tweetdeck can flood you with (no disrespect, I use them too for different things) and being regularly enhanced. ┬áPersonally, I’m hoping they enable the ability to add it as a page directly on my site at some point, but for now it’s just a click away here… The Robert Lasky Daily.